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The Power of Choice: Chaos Makes Room for the New

Aug 31, 2020 09:27AM ● By Kristi Borst
When the Earth rumbles, most people panic. These times can be called crazy, and life is surely changing, yet nature and other creatures on our planet are at peace. They know that all is well.

Change is certainly among us. A tiny virus has revealed a world without borders and an interconnectedness between all people, revealing that what happens across the globe does matter. Issues that have been hidden from view—or that have been consciously and unconsciously avoided—are coming into focus. Collectively we must look, not with scorn or finger-pointing, but with compassion for ourselves and others.

Mother Nature is constantly seeking balance. Sometimes those shifts are a gentle breeze and other times they are volatile. Still, when the Earth shifts, it may be heralding new life, sustenance or abundance. As more and more people understand our “small world” and our inherent connection, actions and behaviors shift. This creates more balance.

The world is not crumbling, but it undoubtedly is being disrupted, especially old energies and financial models which created and sustained scarcity, fear, hording and imbalance. Early in the pandemic, we saw some people clinging to this model, but that behavior is becoming more and more out-of-place. People have shifted from expecting 20 brands of coffee offered in their store to being grateful there is coffee at all. Perhaps we are evolving for the better.

As a result, an alignment with a collective highest good is emerging. Many people are realizing they can be happy with much less. Others are understanding, maybe for the first time, the value and impact of one another and the butterfly effect (that small things can have non-linear impacts on a complex system) within our world.

Rumblings might be felt within. Do not fear the rumble, instead let the internal disruptions occur and embrace this amazing opportunity to shed, heal and become more grounded amid anyone else’s perception of chaos. If we look for chaos, we will see and reinforce it. Rather choose to see love and greater good for all and that will become strengthened. Seek to make decisions for the collective good with the intent of helping to change the world through love and compassion. Our focus, intent and energy are important. Awareness leads to choice which creates the power for change.

Kristi Borst, Ph.D., is a spiritual mind-body-spirit-emotions healer, medical intuitive and life-path guide. Her Perspective Reboot energy sessions for individuals and couples offer pain relief, healing acceleration, plus trauma and behavior repatterning. For more information, call 207-216-0473 or visit