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Tips for Healthy Walking

Sep 30, 2021 09:31AM ● By Elizabeth Phinney
Take a stroll – A leisurely paced walk, designed for mindfulness of our surroundings and observance of the flourishing nature, is good for the soul and relieves stress.

Make it a workout – First, simply walk faster. To get the heart rate up, swing your arms and focus on the quickness of pace. Heel – ball – toe, heel – ball – toe. Get into it and focus on your body and its mechanics.

Kick it up a notch – Learn Nordic walking using walking sticks. Walk quickly, swinging the arms with sticks in-hand like ski poles. It can be very aerobic once the rhythm is learned, and because the body craves rhythm, the whole mind/body will get a fabulous workout with an aerobic influence.

Lengthen your stride – For something different than faster walking that still has an aerobic twist, walkers can lengthen their stride. Keeping the pace slower, taking longer strides uses more quadricep muscle.

Go slowly – It is important to respect the body’s need for slow change when it comes to exercise techniques to decrease the chance of injury.

Stretch afterwards – Stretching is your way of saying thank you to your body.

Elizabeth Phinney, a certified personal trainer with specialty certifications in fitness nutrition, older adult fitness and weight management, is the Aging Coach. She teaches people how to take control over how they age and creates a plan to do so. For more information, visit