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Holistic Oral Hygiene: Choosing the Right Products

Sep 30, 2022 09:31AM ● By Amparo David
Overall health starts in the oral cavity, so a clean mouth is a top priority. Hundreds of species of bacteria live and thrive in the mouth, specifically the gum tissue. Some species of bacteria are more destructive than others. If harmful bacteria overpopulate the mouth, it leads to the destruction of the gums and bone that support the teeth.

Utilizing oral hygiene products to keep the bacteria population at a minimum is paramount. There are various oral rinses, toothpastes, and other hygiene aids to choose from, but it’s important to choose the right products for greater health.

It is recommended to brush twice a day, every day, which means exposing the body to a clean toothpaste is important. There are numerous toothpastes that commonly contain fluoride, sweeteners and preservatives that will overburden the body. Toothpastes that contain the mineral hydroxyapatite are a good option as a large majority of tooth and bone structure are made up of calcium phosphate. The hydroxyapatite mineral supports this natural structure, reducing the chances of dental cavities from forming.

Like toothpaste, floss will often contain similar ingredients that should be avoided. Water flossing is an excellent addition to the flossing routine as its mechanism to clean is simply a steady stream of distilled water. This water can be treated with a small amount of hydrogen peroxide to kill bacteria hiding under the gum line. Tea tree oil naturally with reduce inflammation, making it a great product to use to treat bleeding gums. Soaking dental floss in tea tree oil prior to use will get the product underneath the gum line and encourage growth of firm, pink gums. 

When choosing an oral rinse to add to the hygiene routine, the same judgment from above can be used. A simple, natural oral rinse containing essential oils like clove, peppermint or tea tree oil is a good option. A more simplified mechanism of rinsing can be used as well. Saltwater rinses will cleanse the mouth and encourage gum tissue healing. Baking soda water can also be used periodically to neutralize the pH of the mouth and discourage acidity, as bacteria will flourish in an acidic environment. Oil pulling is another favorable form of rinsing. Coconut oil has been shown to excrete toxins from not only the mouth, but from the entire body. Swishing with the oil for several minutes is necessary to allow for proper cleansing.

Finding a proper oral hygiene homecare routine can take time to put together. Every mouth and body are different. Maintaining a healthy level of vitamins, especially vitamin A, C and E, and minerals is directly related to the health of the oral cavity. Maintaining heart health and a stable blood pressure is another basic building block of a healthy mouth. If these levels are not sufficient, it can present as inflamed gum tissue, unexplained bleeding or, in severe cases, periodontal disease. So, establishing basic health parameters is necessary when choosing an oral home care regimen.

By keeping all aspects of overall health in check, optimal oral health will be achieved and vice versa. If the bacteria levels in the mouth are kept as low as possible with good oral hygiene habits, it is certain the rest of the body will respond positively.

Dr. Amparo M. David, DMD, has her own practice, Dentistry by Dr. David, located at 563 Main St., Bolton,MA, where she practices general and cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics, as well as assisting patients with sleep apnea. For more information, call 978-779-2888 or visit