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Body Wisdom Giving Direction to Healing

Jan 31, 2023 09:31AM ● By Linda Boutilier, LICSW and Vandana Pitke, CCH
There is an energy shift taking place after these past two unsettling years. We again are filled with hope and our minds are revived, our bodies are rebalancing, and communities are coming together to rebirth a whole new paradigm for living. This new paradigm will shift the focus to creating a healthy environment and lifestyle that is energizing and sustainable; one that focuses on longevity and a reprogramming of aging, disease and death.

To make this shift, a new healthcare approach is needed—one that takes a holistic view and brings power of choice back to the people. Health is coherence of mind, body and spirit. Coherence within our cells and alignment with Source leads to vitality and feelings of well-being, joy and love.

Health can be examined through different aspects: inner, outer and quantum. Outer health involves a healthy lifestyle combined with a rise in consciousness. It requires we eat, sleep, relate to others, move the body and commune with nature—all in a conscious manner. Inner health is about awareness, reprograming beliefs and healing toxic emotions and thoughts related to trauma. Quantum health includes light-work, breath work, going into silence and connecting to our higher self.

With higher consciousness, health naturally expands. When we consciously communicate with our intelligent body, body wisdom and body consciousness, we give direction and ask for what we want. Healing is about awareness and a rise in the level of consciousness. It requires taking responsibility for one’s own health and well-being and considering lifestyle changes supported by holistic practices that bridge traditional practices with evidence based established care.

As our light within is expanded and awakened, we beam the consciousness of love to bring light to the dark. One flickering flame can be enough to conquer the darkness with thousands of flames coming together. We can achieve that, one flame at a time, one person at a time.

Linda Boutilier is a licensed independent clinical social worker trained in alternative/integrative treatment modalities. Her office is located at 75 Sockanosset Cross Rd., Cranston, RI. She is certified in energy psychology and currently uses an integrated approach with clients that combines energy psychology and Internal Family Systems methodologies. For more information, call 401-944-3725.

Vandana Pitke is a certified homeopath with a medical degree in homeopathy, holistic healer and managing director of Rhode Island Holistic Healing Association. She is the owner of OmHomeopathy, located at 1099 Mendon Rd., Cumberland, RI. For more information, call 401-573-3757 or visit