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Expert Care for Jaw Issues

Image courtesy of Dentistry by Dr. David

For those that may have been overlooking jaw issues, Amparo David, D.M.D., a pain specialist with TMJ and Sleep Therapy Centre of New England, in Bolton, Massachusetts, looks forward to informing and educating them on the important relationship between jaw dysfunction, sleep disorders and systemic illness. She can help provide a closer look at a patient’s health, consider their sleep quality, observe any jaw dysfunction and apply treatment if needed.

“Unfortunately, many people normalize jaw clicking and don’t think it’s a problem,” says David. “But painful jaw clicking is likely related to sleep disordered, especially sleep apnea. If a sleep-
disorder and teeth grinding continue over time, it can translate into irreversible jaw joint destruction and severe pain. Lack of oxygen from sleep disordered breathing puts a person at a higher risk for acquiring blood pressure issues, stroke and heart attack, too.”

David affirms that a sleep study in her office can address any airway obstruction and, for TMJ, a custom-made oral appliance can help heal the joints, reinforce an open airway and discourage the heavy pressure packed on the joints by grinding teeth. “These oral appliances can significantly improve sleep and your quality of life,” she adds.

Location: 563 Main St., Bolton, MA. To make an appointment, call 978-494-1264 or email [email protected]. For more information about finding freedom from TMJ pain and sleep disorders with the help of Dr. David, visit