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The Link Between Dental Ozone and Cardiovascular Disease Prevention

Jan 31, 2024 09:31AM ● By Amparo David, D.M.D.
A leading and silent cause of death is heart disease and it is related to the build-up of destructive bacteria in the valves and muscles of the heart. The accumulation of bacteria on our teeth and under the gums is directly linked to the bacteria found in diseased heart structures. It has been established that the microbiome, or balance of different bacteria in the digestive tract, can affect many other body functions. If the microbiome becomes imbalanced, there’ll probably be other aspects of our health that will become imbalanced, too. Oral health has a huge impact on heart health and overall health as the mouth is the first stop in our digestive system and can harbor aggressive bacteria that can travel to the rest of the body and potentially create problems.

To reduce the risk of acquiring heart disease, having periodic dental cleanings and exams is vital.

The dental hygienist cleans out the hard-to-reach bacteria colonies that cannot be reached with the floss or toothbrush at least every six months. If left alone, bacteria colonies under the gums can grow and solicit the body’s inflammatory response, and attempt to rid itself of the bacteria infection and heal itself. If the inflammatory response is activated for too long, the infection destroys the tissue and bone attachment that hold the teeth in place. This is considered active periodontal disease. By not treating periodontal disease with specialized cleanings and home care, the bacteria can continue to grow and begin traveling through the circulatory system to all areas of the body, especially the heart.

To reinforce the removal of this bacteria, ozone can be used in conjunction with the cleaning procedure. Ozone is composed of three oxygen atoms and occurs naturally. It can be formed and safely controlled in a medical setting to be used as an antibacterial agent. Usually used in a gaseous form, the ozone is administered following the cleaning procedure up under the gum line to evacuate the bacteria. Ozone treatment has become a popular tool in medicine as it does not involve the use of chemicals found in conventional antibacterial products that can be too aggressive on the body and microbiome. If used enough, long-term ozone treatment can stabilize active periodontal disease, reinforce a healthy microbiome and discourage the chance of heart disease among other systemic ailments.

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