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Natural Awakenings Greater Boston - Rhode Island

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Blissful Spirit Reiki & Healing Arts

21 Maple St., Arlington, MA
21 Belmont St., Cambridge. MA
Cambridge, MA 02138

Treating the body, mind and spirit holistically for wellbeing and abundant living; helping you discover your own inner healing power & inner bliss. Intuitive readings to locate metaphysical causes of physical or emotional imbalance. Healing affirmations coaching to promote self healing and empowerment. Some of the modalities I use and am trained in are: Usui Reiki, Kundalini Reiki, Crystal Healing, Body Dialogue, Violet/Indigo Ray, Angelic Healing, and other forms of Reiki such as Diamond, Crystalline, and Past Life Healing . Treatments can assist in balancing excessive Kundalini energies and or symptoms help to facilitate a smooth awakening of Kundalini energy facilitate spiritual growth & transformation help relieve stress, agitation, acute and chronic pain assist in the improving energy levels promote rest and improved sleep patterns assist in decreasing/eliminating pain help to accelerate wound healing release and heal deep emotional issues and trauma reduce and or eliminate anxiety, depression release negative or stuck energy stored in the body/mind system balance the overall body and energy centers/channels (Biofields/Chakra's) within the body system. clear the mind and open intuitive senses to enhance compassion and sense of self