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New Recording Helps Decipher the Meaning of Symptoms


Integrative nurse practitioner Alison Shaw, owner of Bodymind Repatterning, in Lexington, presents her new guided body dialogue CD, Your Symptoms Are Trying to Tell You Something. The recording can be used to explore physical symptoms or illness as well as emotional challenges.

“Our bodies and minds have an innate wisdom that knows how to heal,” Shaw says. “Often we are so busy trying to get rid of our symptoms that we don’t listen for what’s actually needed to restore balance and health. When we stop, get deeply present and listen to the messages and cues within our mind-body connection, we often learn that we have more answers than we thought.”

Shaw says that people who use the CD will gain personal insights about their own healing while receiving the benefits of guided imagery, which can promote relaxation, improve moods, reduce pain, boost immunity and healing, lower anxiety and depression and enhance creativity and intuition. “I use guided body dialogue in my private practice and I’m thrilled to offer it as a tool that people can use whenever they want to,” Shaw says. “It can also be part of a daily meditation practice.”

Location: 109 Massachusetts Ave., Lexington. For more information or to make an appointment, call 781-646-0686, email [email protected] or visit