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Summer and Fall Wellness Retreats in the Catskills

Wellness Retreats NY is offering individualized programs for weight loss, fitness and wellness this summer and fall in New York’s northern Catskill Mountains. The six-day programs, which are medically supervised, will take place at the Scribner Hollow Lodge from July to October. They include therapeutic bodywork, acupuncture, daily walks and exercise classes, water aerobics and healthful food-preparation classes.

Wellness Retreats NY focuses its programs on jump-starting weight loss and establishing exercise plans that fit individual lifestyles. “Our programs are designed to meet each participant’s specific needs,” says Executive Director Linda Asta, a registered nurse and health and wellness coach. “We evaluate which diet option will support our client’s goals, from organic vegetarian and raw cuisine, to green-juice fasting and liver cleansing to eliminate gallstones without surgery. We pamper our guests while giving them the healthiest vacation they ever had.”

Asta, one of the medical professionals who supervises guests during the retreats, says her clients are not the only ones who benefit from becoming healthier. “Living a healthy lifestyle is the ultimate gift we can give to our children and grandchildren,” she says. “It allows us to make a difference and leave the planet a better place.”

Location: Scribner Hollow Lodge, 13 Scribner Hollow Rd., Hunter, New York. For more information, call 888-843-3334 or visit

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