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All-Natural and Reiki-Infused Body Products

SkyTherapy is an organic, all-natural line of body products developed by Kimberly Sparks, a Reiki master and teacher in West Warwick, Rhode Island. Sparks launched the company in 2011, after serious health challenges sent her on a mission to find safe and natural soaps, sea salts, underarm powders and oils. Today Sparks is healthy and living without traditional medicines as she grows the SkyTherapy product line.

“I want to serve like-minded people who wish to cure and care from within,” she says. “My products do not contain any toxic ingredients. They are pure and simple, free of petroleum, parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate, chemical fragrances, preservatives and dyes.”

SkyTherapy products include deodorant, dry shampoo, Dead Sea mineral salts and scrubs, facial mud cleanser, lip elixirs, aromatherapy sprays and all-natural handmade soaps. “My ancient recipes date back to Roman and Egyptian times, incorporating lavender, chamomile and vanilla cinnamon,” says Sparks. “Our Dead Sea Mineral Packed Mud Mask thoroughly cleans, detoxifies and tightens skin while stimulating new cell growth, and our Dead Sea Bath Salts and scrubs detoxify, relieve achy muscles, improve circulation, exfoliate and stimulate the lymphatic system.”

SkyTherapy makes an organic, all-natural and vegan roll-on Lip Elixir with nutrients to moisten lips, kill germs and freshen breath. “Among our aromatherapy sprays, Smudge is the most popular,” says Sparks. “It contains organic essential oils, Reiki healing intention and genuine chakra crystals.”

Each item is 100 percent guaranteed and made by artisan hands, says Sparks. SkyTherapy products can be found in selected Whole Foods Markets, hospitals, health food stores, homeopathic facilities, spas, yoga studios and salons, and online at

For more information, email [email protected] or visit