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Whole Foods Market Invites Customers to 'Bee’ Part of the Solution

In response to declining honey bee populations across the globe that threatens biodiversity and the future of agricultural systems and gardens, Whole Foods Market has launched its “Share the Buzz” campaign to raise awareness and inspire productive action. For every pound of organic summer squash sold at Whole Foods Market stores from June 12 to 25, the company will donate 10 cents to The Xerces Society, an environmental organization that works for the conservation of invertebrates and their habitats.

“The honey bee may be small, but it plays a mighty role in pollinating more than 100 fruit and vegetable crops across the world,” says Marketing Team Leader Bonnie Combs. “By raising awareness of these issues, Whole Foods Market hopes to motivate people to take action and share the many ways they can be a part of the solution.”

In addition, several Whole Foods suppliers will donate funds to support pollinator preservation. Customers can look for telltale “Share the Buzz” signs throughout stores on such products as MaraNatha nut butters and Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day cleaning products. There are many ways for people to support honey bees in their daily lives, says Combs. “Buying organic is one of the easiest ways to support pollinator health, and planting beefriendly flowers and fruits provides forage for honey bees and other pollinators.”

For more information, visit and local Whole Foods Markets.