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Hooray for the Women in Our Lives

Apr 28, 2014 05:25PM ● By Maisie Raftery

We got so caught up with our Green Living theme last month that we forgot to give a big shout out in celebration of Natural Awakenings of Boston’s third anniversary! So toot your horn, dear readers, advertisers and distributors, as we thank you all for your loyal support. Our publishing family is ever grateful for your role in having each issue arrive on the stands and into your hands.

When jumping into this publishing adventure with both feet, investing money and a good portion of my own life, I had no idea of the wealth of amazing and inspiring people that would weave themselves into my days. On topic with May’s annual Women’s Wellness issue, I would like to acknowledge some of the incredible women working behind the scenes.

Kim Childs, our gifted and talented local writer/editor, was with me even before the official start. Although we hadn’t met, Kim had worked with our national headquarters team and she reached out to offer assistance locally. She continues to support and love NA Boston as if it were her own.

Next to appear on the scene, Cheryl Sullivan became our Natural Pet department coordinator last May. She has been instrumental in allowing us to expand on this monthly theme. Cheryl’s passion for animals and tireless efforts to support pets in need sets her apart and creates a great resource for our pet lovers.

Shelley Cavoli recently joined our family in the role of marketing representative. It’s rare to see her without a smile on her face and a skip in her step. Shelley contributes an inordinate amount of enthusiasm in helping business owners and practitioners connect with readers and grow their businesses.

We were blessed to have former Natural Awakenings Publisher Nancy Somera join us last summer as our managing editor. She quickly became my right arm and half the left. Nancy’s tireless work uncovers ideas and explores opportunities to create strong, relevant editorial content with local contributors. Her supporting administrative roles are equally invaluable.

None of it would appear in your hands without our talented graphic design artist, Zina Cochran. Having laid out every issue of NA Boston since its inception, Zina has literally seen it all. We are all grateful to have her guiding the visible creation that you pick up and read each month.

Part of what you’ll see in this month’s pages is an enlightening discussion of two mainstays of women seeking ways to be in charge of how their lives unfold: fertility and intuition. Local author Katja Swift’s article, “Natural Birth Control Methods Support Overall Health”, reminds us that the monthly fluctuations within a woman’s body are important to one’s vitality and well-being. It is wise to educate ourselves about the many safe, effective and natural contraceptive options that avoid hormones which are available to prevent an unwanted pregnancy.

Linda Sechrist’s article, “Trust Your Intuition: Listen to that Still, Small Voice and Let it Lead You,” teaches us all to listen to, trust and follow our intuition. Learning to trust our gut more than the opinions of others turns up the volume on whispers of intuition. Awakening to our gut feelings, personal power and self-love restores the wholeness left behind in pursuit of external sources of happiness.

Hooray for the women in our lives!

Maisie Raftery, Publisher

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