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Natural Awakenings Boston

Natural Vision Improvement Now in Harvard Square

Coleman Natural Vision Improvement celebrates its grand opening inside the Kundalini Yoga Boston Studio, located at 14 Arrow Street, in Cambridge.

Certified Vision Teacher Ree Coleman says people often forget about their eyes until their vision shifts and panic sets in. “Learning vision improvement techniques at all stages of life allow us to learn to see from the core, keep vision and body balanced and strengthen how we see,” she says.

Coleman takes an assessment to chart strengths and weaknesses in vision and then creates a program tailored to each individual’s specific needs. She concentrates on skills such as reading, tracking and convergence, and considers sun/light sensitivity, open periphery and the quality of distance vision. Using exercises, relaxation, science and physiology, Coleman helps clients achieve sharper, clearer, more balanced vision that requires less external correction.

She states, “Stress and tension in our daily lives can affect our vision, but by relaxing our eyes, we can actually improve our vision. Students are taught to cultivate relaxation, flexibility and balance of body, mind and spirit—principles shared by practitioners of Natural Vision Improvement and Kundalini Yoga.”

For more information, call 617-838-0928 or visit