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Hypnotherapy Helps Smokers Quit

Certified Professional Hypnotherapist Rose Siple of Thought Alchemy’s Transformation Center works with smokers that want to quit by changing individual’s attitudes about their habit and moving them toward a smoking-free, healthier lifestyle.

“Hypnosis is one of the most powerful and effective ways for re-routing emotionally based habits such as smoking, because it gets at the root pattern that developed the habit in the first place and frees the individual of the network of emotional needs that hi-jack their reasoning,” says Siple.

“Essentially, the individual who has the habit of smoking does so because they are lulled into a trance state in the moment that their emotional needs overwhelm them into believing that this moment is more important than the rest of their life,” she explains. Siple believes that this seed pattern in the subconscious mind is so powerful, that it takes over as an automatic response to a trigger. An effective intervention must be tackled with the same process and “that is exactly what hypnosis does,” she says. “It re-routes the emotional response, so that the trigger is no longer effective and a new and more powerful emotional trigger supersedes the old one.”

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