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Ingrid LeVasseur, BA, CCT : Inner Image Health Screening

Inner Image Health Screening was founded in 2006 by Ingrid LeVasseur, BA, in order to bring digital infrared thermal imaging (aka thermography) to the region. It has since expanded to include the practice of NES Health which is a bio-energetic system of screening the Human Body Field, and then offering the corrective frequencies to mitigate the distortion of that field to allow the body to heal itself.

NES Health is for people who say, “They can’t find anything wrong with me,” or “There’s nothing they can do to help me.” NES Health takes the information from the original blueprint of how the body works when it’s working perfectly and imprint that information back into the body. As that is done, the body starts to correct itself and goes back towards that original healthy blueprint, giving hope to people with chronic ailments.

Thermography gives the patient and their provider a visual representation of where inflammation is located to further help with determining a treatment protocol. Unlike anatomical tests such as X-ray, MRI, CT or ultrasound, thermography shows physiological change and metabolic processes that can detect disease processes at subtle levels when intervention can be more effective and ultimately less costly.

Services provided: NES Health screenings and protocols both in-office and remotely; thermal imaging in-office. Remote scanning is offered for those that find it difficult or inconvenient to travel. NES Health can be done effectively from the comfort of one’s own home.

Healing/healthy living philosophy: As often as possible, choose that which brings you joy.

Inner Image Health Screening, 5 Fundy Rd., Ste. 10C, Falmouth, ME. For more information, call 207-781-6060 or visit