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Krista Connolly, RSHom(NA), CCH : Bowen and Homeopathic Alternative

Krista Connolly, RSHom(NA), CCH, is a certified homeopath and a certified Bowen therapy practitioner. She is accustomed to treating longstanding chronic disease and has seen diseases deemed “incurable” cured using both homeopathy and Bowen therapy, which is a physical handson practice. She has 11 years of formal training in homeopathy including a master’s degree and a doctorate and has advanced training with several of the great masters of the Bowen technique. “Bowen therapy is the quickest way I know to see people get well from long-standing and recent muscular skeletal issues and chronic pain,” she says. Homeopathy is an internal medicine modality that gets to the root of acute and chronic disease and ailments on all levels—spiritual, physical, psychological and emotional.

Services provided: Homeopathic consultations and Bowen therapy for both acute and chronic care. Homeopathic constitutional care for the first visit is an hour and a half to two hours; follow ups are 45 minutes to one hour. Bowen therapy sessions are 45 minutes to one hour. Both therapies are also available for animals.

Areas of specialty: General practice, hormonal, respiratory, bladder and kidney, gastrointestinal, emotional and mental stresses and ailments such as depression, sleep disorders, PTSD, ADHD, ADD and autism.

Healing/healthy living philosophy: I believe everyone can heal. Given the right remedy change in habits and lifestyle people improve. It is our God given right to be healthy, and we often just need the right encouragement, remedy and education to exact the snowball effect of healing. There is a special transference between patient and practitioner that can instill and infuse the beginning and completion of healing.

Bowen and Homeopathic Alternative, 115 Commonwealth Ave., Dedham. For more information, call 608-362-4940 or visit