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Natural Awakenings Boston

SpectraCell Laboratories

SpectraCell Laboratories has been a pioneer in the field of functional micronutrient testing and personalized medicine for more than 20 years. Its diagnostic solutions assess cellular nutrition, uncover early stages of unhealthy metabolic function before overt symptoms and acute events occur, and target metabolic issues at the cellular level to achieve systemic relief.

Services provided: Although SpectraCell was founded on nutritional testing, it has evolved into much more, now offering diagnostic tests related to cardiovascular disease, metabolic dysfunction, hormone balance, inflammation and genetic testing.

Areas of specialty: SpectraCell’s micronutrient test is one of the few diagnostic tests that is truly preventative. Most lab tests allow earlier diagnosis of a progressing health issue. Micronutrient testing, on the other hand, facilitates real prevention. Cellular deficiencies in any nutrient—vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and the like—when corrected, can and does actually prevent cellular dysfunction and by extension disease.

Healing/healthy living philosophy: We are all biochemically unique. Our genes, lifestyle, diet, medical history— even the prescriptions we take—all affect our biochemical individuality, and SpectraCell’s solutions support this ideology, allowing for targeted and more effective treatment options. However, for SpectraCell, it’s about more than testing. It’s about going beyond the boundaries of conventional medicine to empower patients, revolutionize wellness and build a path to a more personalized future.

For more information, contact Nancy Degnan at 713-595-7346 or [email protected] or visit