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Business Spotlight ! Conscious Technologies: Inspiring Technologies Designed to Harmonize the World

Oct 07, 2019 04:45PM ● By Kristy Mayer

Conscious Technologies LLC, based in Rhode Island, has created several cutting-edge technologies designed specifically to help people restore their innate self-healing, intuitive and perceptive capabilities. One of these technologies, the Core Harmonizer, uses 432hz frequencies of music, specific nested geometries and light, which together create a coherent and peaceful information field. 

Users benefit greatly from being around the Core Harmonizer, whether it is going about day-to-day activities or intentionally sitting with it. People have reported many benefits including a sense of renewal and inspiration, enhanced sense of peace, improved quality of sleep, decreased anxiety in their pets and enhancement in their every day life. 

In addition to the Core Harmonizer, Conscious Technologies also has created technologies that harmonize the electromagnetic field (EMF) signals that surround us by our wireless devices such as cell phones, laptops, wifi routers and smart meters.

These EMF-harmonizing technologies differ drastically in function than many of the other existing products on the market in that rather than “blocking” the signal, they transform it. Conscious Technologies uses a composite material with encapsulated geometries that actually transmutes and transforms the man-made EMF signal. 

For the more science-minded individuals, the way the technology works is by changing the information fields of the electro magnetic frequencies of the devices by reversing the spin fields. Man-made EMF has a left-handed spin field while things that are in nature and considered healthy and in harmony with mankind are predominantly a right-handed spin field.

The EMF harmonizing technologies use a composite material comprised of a specific blend of materials including elite shungite, pure silver and gold, and six other important proprietary ingredients. This specific blend effectively changes and transforms the negative man-made information field (signal) of the device and transmutes it into a harmonious signal.
The Cell Phone Harmonizer, a decorative disk, is easy to attach to the back of your cell phone. The EMF harmonizing trays for laptop computers and tablets come in two sizes. The Signal Harmonizer is a whole house unit for changing your entire space. All of Conscious Technologies products are hand-made. 

Ross Newkirk was the conduit for the creation of these technologies that came about using intuition, downloads and synchronicity. Ross has been involved with the creation of many empowering technologies over the past 14 years that are all based in information field technology. 

To purchase or learn more about the Core Harmonizer and EMF technologies, call 401-244-8283 or visit To try out the Core Harmonizer, book an appointment at the FLO De-Stressing Center, in Wakefield. Self-schedule an appointment online at See ad below.