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Natural Awakenings Greater Boston - Rhode Island

Retreat to the Ancient Caves in India

Join Bhavna Srivastava for eight nights in the ancient caves at Elephanta, Ajanta and Ellora, in Maharashtra, India, from February 16 to 23, 2020. Srivastava maintains that meditating in a cave aligns the heart smoothly after purifications of hurts, hatred and past traumas. 

      Retreat-goers will heal wounds of the past, recondition the body and mind to align with higher consciousness, reconnect to one’s infinite self and know one’s soul purpose, transform and upgrade one’s energy field with the hidden ancient energies of the ancient caves, and become empowered to believe in the possibility of a more wonderful life. Guest speakers will assist in helping individuals in their spiritual Shakti awakening.

The retreat will include morning yoga and laughter, breakfast, tours of the places to visit, travel and shopping, connections and meditations during the tour, dinner and evening meditations. 

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