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Natural Awakenings Boston

Focusing on the Good!

Welcome to the new year! I don’t remember being as happy to see a new year arrive as I am for the arrival of 2020. Maybe it’s that two and zero are my favorite numbers and together, twice in a row, they make me think of and feel the clarity of 20/20 vision as an analogy for what’s possible in the year ahead. 

2019 brought some new and life-changing challenges along with a bit of internal chaos and some very difficult decisions. At times it seemed as though the floor was falling out beneath my feet. Gratefully, through building faith around the knowing that no matter how bad things might seem, there’s always a light somewhere and it can always be found when I open my eyes wide enough to see it. 

This year I’m going to ease into a new type of resolution and instead of the typical, get in shape, eat better, move more, etc., type of commitment, I’ve decided to always seek out the good. Seeking to see the good in others, the good within myself and in the world and even in our political leaders somehow feels doable. I believe we’ve all got something to offer that’s good even when from the outside it doesn’t look or feel that way.

We’ve got some exciting things happening at Natural Awakenings in 2020 with the development of a new website built specifically with the local community in mind. There we’re building a comprehensive directory of local wellness professionals and resources with the intention of reaching more of those who are aligned with what we and the local wellness community have to offer. 

This first quarter you’ll see a new layout design and a brand-new Plant Medicine section. And if you haven’t connected with us on the popular free meditation app, Insight Timer, be sure to download at Google Play or iTunes and join the Natural Awakenings Boston Community Group. We’re looking forward to building a network of local meditators to support each other in growing and developing practices within the community. We hope you join us.

Wishing you and yours a most promising 2020 with gratitude for your continued support.