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Intertwining Reiki and Mindfulness Meditation Practices

Elise Brenner, Ph.D., owner of Brenner Reiki Healing, in Newton, is now also a certified mindfulness meditation teacher. Separately, or gently woven together, reiki practice and mindfulness offer practical and approachable techniques for addressing pain, trauma and difficult emotions as well as for cultivating stillness, clarity and an enlarged sense of things. Mindful practices can shift us out of habitual mental and emotional patterns so we can respond to ourselves, to people and to situations more intentionally. 

“We are easily caught up in a swirl of judgment, comparison and labeling, which often bring with them misery, constriction and distress,” Brenner says. “With mindfulness and reiki practices, we can invite a mind-state that is more settled, open and spacious; less hijacked by our habitual reactive thoughts.”

Brenner Reiki Healing brings mind-body workshops that weave reiki practice and mindfulness techniques to elders, to people living with cancer, to survivors of intimate partner violence and to college students, to name a few populations that have benefited from reiki and mindfulness.

Brenner will come to one’s setting to help individuals, households and organizations to experience the immediate benefits of mindfulness, or people can choose to come to Brenner Reiki Healing in the Auburndale neighborhood of Newton.

“As you reflect on your inner state, and perhaps on any wish you have to claim greater well-being and wholeness, you may consider reiki and mindfulness as your way in,” she says.

Location: 324 Central St., Newton. For more information, call 617-244-8856, email [email protected] or visit