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Medical Oxidative Therapies

Apr 09, 2020 11:01AM ● By Karen Gellman & Margo Roman

Karen Gellman DVM

Margo Roman DVM   

This note is a public service to raise awareness for treatment modalities that may not yet be known to you: Medical Oxidative Therapies.  While novel to most of the conventional medical community, ozone therapy has been extensively researched, taught, and used clinically world-wide for over 30 years.  Ozone therapy is uniquely applicable to pandemic conditions.

We have compiled a brief overview and a resource list of peer-reviewed literature on medical oxidative therapies with applications for

•       Acute infectious disease, viral and secondary bacterial

•       Prevention of cytokine storms

•       Protection of hepatic and renal function

•       Disinfection of PPE

Additionally, ozonated saline flushed in the pharynx and nasal passages can prevent viral inoculation from proceeding to full blown pulmonary infection— a critical tool to protect health care providers. Ozone generating technology is very simple and can be quickly manufactured in any machine facility.

These resources can be found at:…19-resource-page/

Don’t hesitate to contact one of us with any questions about clinical applications and getting access to trained O3 practitioners.

 Karen Gellman DVM, PhD  [email protected]  (607) 227-5406

Margo Roman DVM   [email protected]  (508) 435-4204