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I'm Hopeful...

Since the horrifying death of George Floyd and the tragic loss of human life and injustice it has brought to the surface in our country and the world, I’ve been thinking a lot about how the universe and life works. I’ve also decided to share my thoughts on the increase of global unrest and movement ushered in by 2020.

At the beginning of this new decade, I knew few people who weren’t happy to leave 2019 behind. The common themes that those who were elated to see upon the arrival and promise of a new year and new decade included excitement and anticipation of 2020 as the year of clarity and 20/20 vision. Because the 2010s were full of challenges and unrest, I was looking forward to helping co-create refreshing changes with my like-minded friends and Natural Awakenings community.

As the coronavirus hit and our world began changing in unprecedented ways, I started reflecting on my personal belief that our thoughts heavily influence the conditions of our lives. I began seeing the virus as a global cry for help. As technology and social media have taken over our lives, collectively we have sped up to warp speed nearly everywhere. Something had to give. We couldn’t possibly continue sustaining rapid growth, movement and the exhaustion of keeping up with an ever-changing and evolving world.

As a student of and believer in the Law of Attraction (like attracts like from an energetic perspective), my mind easily concluded that the collective scream for life to slow down, in myriad unique ways, was responding with a less than desirable solution—a global pandemic.

And then, George Floyd’s death set the global collective into the domino-like succession of yet another explosion of unrest, reopening centuries-old wounds that seek healing.

Perhaps it’s my optimism that believes there’s good to be found in every negative when we’re able to stand back, examine the big picture and see that some sort of healing is taking place. This isn’t an easy task when we’re seeing and experiencing such pain and injustice.

I’m hopeful. Hopeful in the “good” sense … the kind of hopeful that sees that there is much good coming from all of the seeming catastrophe that’s going on throughout the world. I believe the answer is LOVE. Pure and unconditional Love. Starting with ourselves and then delivered through us to everyone we encounter.

My wish for us all is to come to the silent place within, where there’s nothing but pure and unadulterated love—with love that never discriminates where we are each allowed to be exactly who we are regardless of any conceivable difference.

In these times, it’s critical to our healing to especially embrace Black Lives Matter because we’ve been ignoring this disease for far too long. It deserves our utmost attention for the righting of injustice everywhere. I also agree with “all lives matter”. However, if you had a broken leg, I wouldn’t be telling you about my stubbed toe. Let’s heal the biggest wound first as it is where we lose the most blood.

May you be blessed by something you see within these pages this and every month.

With Love and Gratitude,