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Healing Is Possible

If you or a loved one are affected by Type 2 Diabetes, this edition is for you to save and share. Some experts say although there’s no cure, it is reversable through diet and exercise. I’m not sure what the distinction is between the two or if it really matters. What I do know is that I’ve been witness to some amazing healing that has taken place in a short period of time for two siblings that have made only a few simple diet changes.

My use of the word “simple” doesn’t mean easy. A few months ago, several of my family members and I decided to cut out sugar and flour. While it sounded simple, it definitely hasn’t been easy all the time. The wow factor of scale numbers moving downward and bloodwork improving has been worth the not easy part, especially for those who were at risk of having to turn to pharmaceuticals to ward off the disease.

It’s nothing short of amazing, what we can do when we decide to take control over what goes into our bodies. In “Preventing Type 2 Diabetes, Natural Lifestyle Choices to Curb the Disease,” author Marlaina Donato helps uncover some of the major influences such as environmental factors, medication backlash, sugar and even sleep as factors in managing Type 2.

Our friend, Dr. Gary Kracoff, of Johnson Compounding and Wellness, offers us additional strategies beyond diet and lifestyle changes in “Take Charge of Your Blood Sugar Levels.” Kracoff provides guidance on well-formulated blends of nutrients shown to help with insulin resistance and lowering blood sugar levels. Both articles offer readers opportunities to reverse and even prevent the onset of Type 2 diabetes.

Speaking of prevention, if you haven’t seen or heard about Natural Awakenings partnership with the freshly launched, please look at the News Brief on page 7 and our back cover for more information. is rapidly becoming THE online destination for Regenerative Whole Health knowledge, resources and community for taking control of your health and well-being. Joining is free for both the public and health practitioners for a limited time (offer codes found on back cover).

Wishing all a healthy, peaceful and Happy Thanksgiving …

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