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Natural Awakenings Greater Boston - Rhode Island

A New Chapter for Natural Awakenings Boston

Welcome to the “new” Natural Awakenings Greater Boston/Rhode Island magazine. In case you hadn’t noticed our new name on the cover, I want to share some wonderful news about our expansion into the Rhode Island area.

Maureen Cary, the former publisher of the Rhode Island edition, and I met through her publication in 2010. After some time as a reader of her magazine and a rather personally tumultuous 2009 and 2010, I found myself looking for my next career after a failed attempt in a different business venture.

Although in 2010 I was an avid reader of the Rhode Island edition, and clueless that the magazine was a franchise, my life circumstances seemed to lead me directly to this powerfully, personal and professional, growth-demanding career. After I’d parted ways with my previous business associates on a most challenging Friday evening, I was feeling conflicted about my scheduled departure the next morning for an annual girls’ trip with lifelong girlfriends. The trip proved to be a most pivotal point on my journey to self-discovery and next adventures.

Rising early Saturday morning, I made the conscious choice to let go of whatever career moves would be next and simply go and enjoy our 10th anniversary girls’ vacation. On Sunday morning in Orlando, Florida, we made our way to the local Publix supermarket where I was stunned to see a stack of Natural Awakenings magazines greeting us upon our arrival. It had never occurred to me before that the publication was produced anywhere other than Rhode Island or throughout the U.S. and in Puerto Rico.

Excited, I grabbed a copy and didn’t think much more about it. A few days later when we were all hanging out at the condo on a rainy day, as I was devouring each page as I similarly did at home with the monthly Rhode Island edition, I stopped at the last two-page spread. A franchise ad showing each publisher’s photo on a family tree literally jumped off the page at me. The headline said “Join Our Family of Publishers.” I screamed out loud, “OMG … this is why my life has been tipped upside down this past year!”

In that moment, I intuitively knew that I was destined to participate in some way. Shortly thereafter I purchased the Boston territory. After meeting Maureen a few weeks later, I was instantly certain that from that point on we would become lifelong friends. Over the years, Maureen and I have had many conversations about what it would look like to team up and partner to help solidify and grow the presence of Natural Awakenings in our corresponding communities.

Though we’ve never known exactly how we’ll get where we’re going, I’m grateful for the journey that led us here to team up to better serve our dear readers and advertising partners that have supported our ability to produce this resource that helps so many find a way to good health and wellness.

Our hope and intentions are that every time you pick up a copy of Natural Awakenings Greater Boston/Rhode Island, you will find at least one nugget of information that helps you, your friends and your family in some small or major way.

We are eternally grateful to our advertising partners that have been able to stick with us through the pandemic and make it possible for us to continue bringing Natural Awakenings to you.

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts!


 Maisie Raftery