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Free Healing Music

“Music from the Tao,” composed and recorded by longtime healing music composer Michael Legge, who for 25 years has used his unique healing music systems under many clinical conditions including hospital, hospice and private practice, is now granting free public access to his music through a portal, so that many others, either at home or institutionalized, can enjoy the benefits of this unique music modality.

According to Legge, “Many powerful healing elements from Greece, Baroque, jazz and Oriental medicine were fused to achieve maximum effect.” The fusion corresponds perfectly with the meridians (energy pathways) of oriental medicine: the yin voice (bass), corresponding to the deep organs, and the yang voice (melody), corresponding to the hollow organs, keeping each other in seamless balance throughout the 64 unique music tracks he calls Transitions.

In a real sense, listening to one Transition a day is like getting an acupuncture treatment daily without the needles. Not only each of the 12 acupuncture meridians, but also powerful points within each meridian, called the Five Elements, are musically massaged, creating a sense of calm and centeredness.

Because the system is perfectly balanced, the Transitions are sensitive and responsive to whatever an individual’s intention is at the moment, many times shifting energy, stimulating fresh thoughts and feelings, and causing energetic vibrations that can impact on biological and emotional systems.

To access the free portal, visit