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Homeopathy for Women’s Health

Apr 30, 2021 09:31AM ● By Vandana Pitke
From puberty to menopause, a woman goes through multiple changes and transformations, both physically and emotionally. Homeopathy, with its thousands of remedies, has been proven to be effective for treating many chronic and acute hormonal, functional, pathological or structural health conditions throughout a woman’s life. From anxiety and depression during puberty and postpartum, or even pre/peri menopausal depression, PMS, hormonal imbalance, various uterine, ovarian and breast diseases, even cancers, homeopathy can be used to treat these diseases.

Homeopathy considers disease as a misattunement of a vital force/life energy. Life starts with a single cell and it multiplies into trillions of cells. Energy flows rhythmically in harmony and balance from one cell to another. When this rhythm is disrupted by emotional traumas, wrong lifestyle choices, or a toxic environment and/or wrong foods, energy can get stuck, allowing diseases on physical or emotional levels to form. This shift in balance happens first on a subtle level, until at last, physical and pathological symptoms are manifested.

The aim of homeopathy is not only to treat acute as well as chronic conditions, but to address the underlying cause and an individuals’ susceptibility to imbalance. Traumas, abuse or stress are common and an inseparable part of the modern woman’s life. How that individual took the past trauma/abuse/stress and how they reacted in that situation matters the most. The evolution of the pattern of the disease and the symptoms related to that pathology, along with the core feeling associated with the whole person, are considered while choosing a remedy. Most of the time all this resonates with two or three remedies, and one which is the most similar one is chosen to match with that individual person. This is a classical way of prescribing homeopathy.

As far as therapeutic medications are concerned, several remedies are available to treat any condition. But the individualized approach makes the whole difference and promotes healing from within.

Vandana Pitke is a board-certified homeopath at Om Homeopathy. For more information, visit