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Essentia Wellness Opens in Harvard

Low-level laser practitioner and certified integrative nutrition health coach Laney DeFeo has opened Essentia Wellness, in Harvard, Massachusetts, to help people with chronic pain, injuries and smoking cessation. Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) is FDA-approved and a safe, effective way to relieve pain and inflammation with zero side effects. It is safe for all ages and many see results in the first one to three sessions.

DeFeo also offers an LLLT smoking cessation program, which is highly effective and takes just three visits. This program is a type of laser acupuncture, where DeFeo utilizes the Chinese meridian system by working on specific acupoints to modulate the psycho-neuro-endocrine-immunologic communications between the brain and body. These pathways involve the brain’s limbic system and carry frequencies that allow a person’s nervous system to look at the chemicals it has been addicted to in a different way, such as like it did when they were a non-smoker. The cravings then disappear, allowing smokers to quit safely and without unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. Sessions also support the body to restore health by improving sleep, energy and stress levels.

The benefits of LLLT for pain have been proven in thousands of research studies. Unlike other methods for pain control that merely minimize pain, LLLT reduces inflammation, increases circulation, promotes cell regeneration and tissue healing as it relieves pain, while at the same time, improves one’s condition. DeFeo works with clients to customize a laser program specific to their needs to get the most benefits out of each session.

Location: Harvard, MA. For more information, call 603-233-2887 or visit