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Intimacy Coaching: Create More Satisfying Relationships

Sep 30, 2021 09:31AM ● By Sacha Fossa
Partnered or not, we all have intimate lives with ourselves and others.

At times they are healthy and pleasurable; other times, they could use some help.

Intimacy is an evolving process that encourages transparency with our self and others, and quite possibly the deep healing of wounds that have led to layers of protection and a repelling of true connection. The world can be a traumatizing place, especially now when intimacy is being strongly affected through lock downs, social distancing and masking, making it more challenging than ever to develop and create relationships with others. Building a healthy relationship with our self, while becoming more conscious of how intimate we are with our body and how this can improve, will lead to connecting with others more easily, energetically and more.

An intimacy coach supports a client’s evolution by providing guidance in awareness, skills and understanding, while often identifying any areas of past experience that may be barriers to growth while creating new points of view and self-acceptance to overcome those barriers. Intimacy coaching requires a unique approach and must be customized, depending on the needs and desires of the client.

A good intimacy coach helps clients feel safer, closer and more connected to their lover or partner(s), and to themselves and their body. Tackling issues around physical, emotional and even spiritual intimacy, coaches can teach and purvey to clients a sense of safety the client may have never known. In some cases, this is achieved by modeling embodied intimacy and providing the client with a new sense of it. Intimacy coaching ideally helps clients to develop a deeper sense of closeness and comfort, increases their emotional IQ and awareness, and heals attachment and other relationship wounds.

What to look for in an intimacy coach:

Certification(s) in sexuality, sexual health and sexual and relationship connection, empowerment and wellness should be the base of their training.

One or two short immersions that produced a certification in only one method should be a red flag.

Checking credentials and references along with having a discovery call with an intimacy coach can be crucial.

The most essential part is that a client must feel calm, safe and happy communicating with their coach to be able to fully open up and express emotions. Trust and comfort are the key to being able to discuss such deeply personal topics. While considering if a coach is best suited to work with, find out how knowledgeable they are about individuals, couples, alternative relationships and lifestyles, the LGBTQ+, kink, Tantric or any other community and/or preferences for living the client may have and/or wish to explore. A client must not be afraid to ask tough questions to seek out the best coach to fit their specific needs, as their responses can inform the chance for success and a more meaningful, satisfying, joyful intimate life.

Sacha Fossa, MA, provides custom designed holistic sex, intimacy, relationship and wellness coaching, education and healing arts programs, in-person and virtual. For more information, visit and sign up for a complimentary consultation.