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PBS Launches New Health and Wellness YouTube Channel

PBS is exploring everything viewers ever wanted to know about health, wellness and the human body in VITALS, a new, 30-episode digital series that offers an exhilarating tour of human health and all of its surprises. Hosted by rising health influencers and practicing medical professionals, Dr. Alok Patel and registered nurse Sheena Williams, this fun and accessible health series will share expert advice, bust health myths, explore the latest science and offer a reality check on the newest treatments.

“There are textbook health recommendations, then there’s what people actually think and do,” says Patel. “No health topic should be taboo or off-the-table. If you ditch the fancy jargon and white coats, medicine is about humans talking to humans. VITALS will bridge that gap in health communication with a relatable voice.”

A co-production and partnership between the Global Health Reporting Center and PBS Digital Studios, the VITALS series advocates a whole-body approach, including mental health as an important component of well-being. Episodic content will address health issues connected to the news and high-profile events; offer evidence-based tips for healthy living; and serve as a trusted and relatable source for viewers who spend too much time searching their symptoms online. The primary goal of VITALS is to encourage viewers to lead healthier, happier and more confident lives as they take control of their health.

“Health care is more than science,” says Williams. “How we feel about medical science ultimately shapes our view of health care. We want VITALS to serve as a safe place to discuss all aspects of human health. Whether the topic is funny, unbelievable, embarrassing or taboo, we are here for it all.”

VITALS can be streamed at, and the PBS Video App, available on iOS, Android, Roku, Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Samsung Smart TV, Chromecast and VIZIO.