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The Chiropractic Neurology Center of West Greenwich

Dec 30, 2021 09:31AM ● By Wendy Nadherny Fachon
Chiropractic neurology is a whole-body approach to treating disorders by evaluating the functionality of the central nervous system, the peripheral nervous system and the brain. Dr. Sherry Morrissette, DC, DACNB, BCN. (biopsychology, cognition and neuroscience degree), has been practicing chiropractic neurology for 25 years. She combines hands-on techniques with state-of-the-art physiotherapy procedures and electroencephalogram (qEEG) neurofeedback.

Traditional chiropractic care applies manual manipulation to correct spinal alignment in order to alleviate a wide variety of physical ailments, including muscle strain, neck pain, chronic back pain and migraines. The spine is made of many bones called vertebrae; the spinal cord runs through a canal in the center of these bones. Nerve roots split from the cord and travel between the vertebrae into various areas of the body, however, these nerve roots can become pinched or damaged, resulting in physical pain or dysfunction.

Chiropractic neurology recognizes that pain and movement disorders may be a brain issue. The body could be sending the wrong signals, because of dysregulation in the brain—the body’s central signaling system. For example, peripheral neuropathy experienced as numbness in the foot, might be a symptom of a brain and/or a spinal problem, as opposed to a foot problem. Even organ dysfunction can result from spinal blockages and improper brain signals.

In addition to conducting a neurological examination, Morrissette uses quantitative qEEG  as a diagnostic tool to measure electrical activity in different quadrants of the brain. The test is noninvasive, painless and safe to use. Electrodes in a cap are placed on the scalp to read brain waves, revealing important information about overall brain function, including stress levels, thought and behavior patterns. The test result is a brain map indicating dysregulated areas of the brain. Morrissette then uses the map to develop a neurofeedback protocol to retrain the brain in sending proper messages to the body.

Morrissette has used neurofeedback to help alleviate central nervous system disorders such as Parkinson’s and multiple sclerosis. She also uses neurofeedback to treat ADHD, anxiety and other brain-based challenges, without medications. She offers oxygen therapy, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy and red light therapy to regenerate nerves and renew their capacity.

In addition, Morrissette provides weight loss and nutritional recommendations, as well as mineral and vitamin supplements to help accelerate the progress of healing. Patients come to Morrissette looking for a better quality of life and help in getting their nervous system to function at the highest possible potential.

The Chiropractic Neurology Center of WestGreenwich is located at 16 Nooseneck Hill Rd., Ste. A, West Greenwich, RI. For an appointment, call 401-397-9948. For more information, visit

Wendy Fachon is a regular contributor to Natural Awakenings and host of the Story Walking Radio Hour on the Dream Visions 7 Radio Network.