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Intimacy Coach Sacha Fossa

In intimacy coach Sacha Fossa’s experience, the greatest threat and issue to intimacy is the severe lack of any proper sex and relationship education. Parents, society and culture simply do not offer this. Finding an intimacy coach that can guide and provide more of each can be crucial to creating and having the sex and love one really wants. We asked her to tell us more about intimacy and how she assists her clients.

If absence makes the heart grow fonder, then how do couples manage the pandemic- forced, constant togetherness (working from home, no business travel, etc.)?

Those who are in intimate relationships and having to navigate spending more homebound time together, pandemic-forced or not, will generally benefit from communicating more fully their individual needs and desires for this experience. Every individual, relationship and circumstance is so unique that it is best to find out what you and what your partner would most like solo and together. Knowing each other’s love languages, as well as Erotic Blueprints (aka the Intimacy/Sex Languages), provides highly valuable information as to how to not just manage, but also create, greater ease and intimate expansion, in and out of the bedroom, during such times and ongoing.

What gets in the way of true intimacy?

There are so many issues and factors that block true intimacy. Two main reasons are, first, not being intimate with oneself, meaning that an individual does not truly like themselves nor their body, and therefore they really can’t be intimate with others when it is not within their being. Second, not prioritizing intimacy. Intimacy dies when not prioritized. There are so many intimate-less relationships where clients expect intimacy to just appear without effort. Intimacy must be prioritized, scheduled and cultivated, ongoing, for it to not only survive but thrive.

How can an intimacy coach help partners reconnect?

A reputable intimacy coach can help individuals and their partners to recognize, release and shift conscious and subconscious barriers to intimacy in their bodies, relationships and lives. They can assist in helping their clients reconnect and connect in new ways with one another through coaching, practices and techniques to guide them individually and together. Intimacy coaches’ training and approaches vary greatly, and finding the best fit is important.

Can you give one or two samples of homework assignments that you give couples? 
I custom-design all my home play assignments. Common examples would be specific solo self-pleasure practices that are educational as well as sexually healing and awakening. They are for expanding and cultivating sexual energy and vitality. I often provide home play practices for couples in which they create erotic play in new and different ways that feeds arousal and connection, to bring more expansion into their sex lives.

Sacha Fossa, MA, provides in-person and/or virtual custom-designed sex, intimacy, relationship and wellness coaching, education and healing arts programs at Sacred Temple Arts. Private, customized sessions are designed to quickly get to, address and relieve the source of the challenges, as well as assist with the design and implementation of an intimacy plan that fits for the individual(s). For more information, visit and sign up for a complimentary consultation.