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Natural Awakenings Greater Boston - Rhode Island

Products to Honor the Earth

Celebrate Earth Day by giving yourself and your friends these planet-friendly and Earth-inspired products.

 BRINGIT Bags is passionately focused on eradicating single-use and reusable plastic bags. They’ve engineered the most sustainable reusable shopping bag on the planet: crafted with fiber made from sustainably harvested beechwood and eucalyptus trees, these are the only bags available on the market made with this innovative material. They are machine washable (no release of microplastics), marine biodegradable and home compostable at the end of life.

 Align yourself with the natural wisdom of the Earth with the strikingly original The Untamed Elemental 52-card oracle deck. Inspired by the elements of Mother Earth, each card reveals an opportunity for self-discovery, awakening and a celebration of the mystery and wonder of life. Organized by the five elements—earth, water, air, fire, and ether—this deck invites us to connect our body, mind and spirit to the rhythm of the seasons and offers insightful ways to bring imbalances into a state of healing and wholeness.

 Kitchen Garden Textiles is a line of stunningly designed, sustainable, home textiles handmade in Pennsylvania from unbleached, undyed organic linen and reclaimed materials. The line includes napkins, kitchen towels, tote bags, produce bags, bread bags, aprons, coffee filters and other items one needs for gathering, storing, preparing and serving food. Founder Heidi Barr is also working to restore flax agriculture and organic linen production in the U.S. with her Flax Project.

The velvet texture of EVXO Cosmetics reusable makeup remover pads not only provide a luxury experience, but prevents the pad from tugging at sensitive areas that can cause premature wrinkles. A laundry bag is included for easing washing of these bamboo and cotton velour pads. The company also sells organic, gluten-free and vegan cosmetics.