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Peruvian Maca Root: Resilient Spirit Plant and Fertility Ally

Mar 31, 2022 09:31AM ● By Alida Moncada
Maca is a root native to the Central Andes of Peru that has been cultivated since Inca times. Peruvian ancestral legends tell how the Incas seasonally fed only on maca, since it was the most cold-resistant plant. In traditional Andean medicine, maca is used to promote fertility in women and men, as well as to increase sexual desire.

In a study published in PubMed in 2005, results showed that the addition of yellow maca in adult female mice increased the litter size and fertility spermatogenesis. Other research demonstrated that the use of maca in normal men increased sexual drive after eight weeks and in athletes after just two weeks. Studies also showed an increase of sexual desire in women during menopause.

Other therapeutic actions of maca are increased energy levels and antioxidant action, and improved memory, mental well-being and bone strength. The Incas used maca as a solution to pain in the bones and muscles and physical fatigue. For centuries, the healers of the Andean region recommended its use to treat arthritis and rheumatism.

Research conducted by Gustavo F. Gonzales in 2013 on residents from Junín, Peru, found that maca root had anti-aging properties. The study looked at traditional maca consumers between the ages of 40 to 75, and results showed better health status scores and greater success in the test of getting up and sitting five times from a chair without using the arms for support.

Maca can be found in health food stores and can be consumed in smoothies, cookies, pancakes and the traditional Maca Punch (Ponche de Maca).

AlidaMoncada comes from a long lineage of Peruvian herbalists. She is certified in biomagnetic pair therapy, herbalism and energy kinesiology, and integrates these practices with her own ancestral intuition to guide clients in their personal transformation processes. For more information, call 774-287-2447 or visit

Maca Punch (Ponche)

Traditionally served hot for breakfast.

2 cups of water

2 spoons of maca powder

2 spoons of organic sugar

¼ spoon of cinnamon powder

½ cup milk

Mix maca powder with cinnamon powder into half cup of water. Bring to boil with 2 cups of water. Add the remaining ingredients. Let simmer for 10 minutes.