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Living in the Growth Zone is an Adventure

My hat is off to the moms of this world! Having never had children, I cannot begin to imagine what it must be like to raise children under any circumstance, let alone during a pandemic and some of the most uncertain times in our collective lifetime.

Our feature story this month by Carrie Jackson, “Resilient Mothering: How Moms Are Forging Ahead in a Changing World,” offers tips for stressed-out moms seeking ideas on how to bring and maintain balance amid the chaos of everyday life challenges. The practical tips she provides for self-care are well worth the read.

Actually, these tips can work wonders for anyone, whether one is stressed out or managing life with relative ease. For me, a daily walk has made a significant difference in delivering an overall feeling of healthy well-being.

One of the greatest discoveries I’ve made this year since tackling and overcoming a few self-limiting beliefs has been the realization that if I want something, I’m the only one who can make it come to fruition. Coasting through life with little effort may have served me at some point, but lately has brought me to a fuller understanding of the old saying, “Youth is wasted on the young.”

It thrills me to see young people, wiser than their years, that have somehow discovered the secrets that have gone unknown to so many while stealing countless years of high quality and vibrant living.

With “coasting” days mostly behind me, I’m finding that every day lived in the growth zone is an adventure at the edge of what would otherwise be a life-sucking comfort zone. Getting comfortable with the discomfort of doing things that I may not feel like doing in the moment has been nothing short of miraculous in reaping the benefits that come from what can be accomplished.

From a wonderful practitioner spotlight to DIY salt scrubs, to fending off fibroids, to local herbs and teas, to tuning into cycles, to easy container gardening and staying hydrated … we’ve got something for everyone this month. I hope you enjoy it all!




Maisie Raftery, Publisher