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Summer Brain Training to Improve School Performance

Advanced Neurotherapy, in Needham, Massachusetts, is scheduling brain training sessions over the summer for students that need improvement in areas such as organization, procrastination, attention, memory, focus, stress, test anxiety and more.

Improvements in brain function leads to improved academic performance with less effort and struggle as brainwaves are trained to function optimally. Neurofeedback is research-based corrective care that is safe for students of all ages from preschool to higher education. Neurofeedback teaches the brain how to perform better, is completely painless and easy to do with no unwanted side effects.

Natural brain training helps to improve performance in class, on homework and on exams, leading to better overall grades. Additionally, if a student struggles with a learning disability, such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or dyslexia, improvements in symptoms can be observed, directly impacting academic performance. Students that have struggled with obtaining good grades can see progressive improvements with the use of neurofeedback, as the impacts are cumulative. 

In the beginning, improvements may be subtle, but increase as a person continues sessions. Therefore, starting neurofeedback early during the summer will be most effective for the upcoming semester, producing the best long-term success. Students, parents and teachers often notice more dramatic and obvious changes as the student continues training.

Location: Advanced Neurotherapy,145 Rosemary St., Entrance J, Needham, MA. For more information, call 781-444-9115 or visit