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Consumer Reports Expands Green Choice Program

Consumer Reports (CR) has launched a new initiative to help consumers live more sustainably and affordably at home and push the government and manufacturers to do more. The full Consumer Reports Save More, Waste Less guide covers everything from the laundry room to the kitchen to the lawn, as well as tips on how to do dishes and laundry more efficiently, pick appliances that will last, cut back on food waste and more.

CR also announced enhancements to its Green Choice program, which was created two years ago to help consumers identify products that are better for the environment and incentivize businesses to produce sustainable products that are reliable, affordable and accessible. Previously, CR evaluated the sustainability of appliances during in-home use. Now the organization will take a more expansive view and evaluate characteristics related to all three phases of an appliance’s life cycle: manufacture, in-home use and disposal. 

CR is also calling on the government to update efficiency standards for many appliances consumers use each day. The Department of Energy (DOE) is currently behind schedule in establishing efficiency for several home appliances, including refrigerators, washers and air conditioners. By the DOE’s own calculations, these standards not only save consumers billions of dollars annually, but also lower emissions of greenhouse gasses and other pollutants.

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