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Natural Awakenings Greater Boston - Rhode Island

Annual Float Conference Meets in Portland, Maine

The 11th annual Float Conference—the largest event celebrating flotation as an industry, therapy and lifestyle—will be held in Portland, Maine, from August 26 to 28, 2022. In New England for the first time, the event will bring together float center owners, such as Sarah Garvin of Float Boston, manufacturers, researchers, suppliers and those interested in joining the float industry for a multi-day event full of presentations, workshops and parties.

The event will be a hybrid one; people can join others in Portland or online. Speakers will fly in from all over the world to share their expertise and give presentations covering new research into the benefits of floating, personal stories of floating’s impact, the history and future of the industry and more. Presenters will facilitate hands-on workshops and there will be time for self-care with wellness sessions, like qigong, light therapy and didgeridoo.

Float Boston is the largest and oldest float tank center in Metro Boston. Its mission is to offer float therapy for wellness and stress relief.

Cost: $69 virtual, $499 in person. For more information, visit Learn more about floating at