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Feel-Good Vibes: Setting the Table for More Positivity

Jul 29, 2022 09:31AM ● By David Bartky
Each day brings a new chance to decide how we’re going to feel. Choosing empowered and good feelings helps us attract more circumstances and experiences that keep us feeling that way.

Living with empowerment (high vibration) should not be circumstantial. When good things happen, we naturally feel the positive effects of our good fortune. But we can learn to keep ourselves feeling good all the time with a few simple strategies.

Create a Buffet of Emotions

Like a buffet of food spread out before us, we can imagine, instead, a buffet of emotions/feelings ready for us to plate. For example, a dish of bliss, a bowl of happiness, a plate of anger, a platter of sadness, a basket of joy, a pitcher of negativity, a pot of high vibrations, a tray of empowerment—the options are endless.

Each day we can choose what our emotional plate of nourishment will look like. If we find ourselves reaching for the same old serving of negative emotions, we can refuse it and instead take a heaping helping of bliss, joy, happiness, positive experiences, abundance, etc. By doing this, we pre-pave the way for a more positive start to our day.

Make a List of Feel-Good Words

Another way to take more control of our emotional state is to make a list of words or short sentences of things that make us feel good. For example, a list might look like this: rainbows, kittens, puppies, chocolate, funny movies, hiking, walks along the beach, swimming, favorite vacation spots: Fiji, Hawaii, London.

From time to time, look at the list and think about each word or short sentence and why it creates good feelings. By doing this, we raise good vibrations just by spending a few minutes thinking about feel-good thoughts.

Feeling empowered is, in part, the result of keeping our vibrations high. The above techniques can help us not only feel better each day but attract more of what we want.

David Bartky “Life Coach David” has been a certified Law of Attraction life coach for more than 10 years. Sessions are held virtually, so clients are across the U.S. as well as in other countries. He is the author of Vibratize Your Life, Magnetize Your Life and Living The Law of Attraction: A 21-Day Self-Guided Program.