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From Fear to Faith: Believing Anything is Possible

Jul 29, 2022 09:31AM ● By Gina Colvario Krupka
Fear is the thief of happiness. It may be masked by outrage, anger, sadness or even disgust, but deep down, it is fear that keeps us from realizing the Universe’s abundance and believing that anything is possible.

We are born with the inherent right of freedom to think, act and love in our own unique way. But, too often, we go through life waiting for the other shoe to drop, expecting difficulties and bad news. The Law of Attraction states that what we think about, we bring about. If looking for a problem, it will most certainly show up.

One of the greatest and most devastating changes in our society has been the decline of faith. Both religion and spirituality can shine the brilliant light of faith that has the power to cast out fear. This is not doctrine or any particular teaching. Instead, spirituality is a personal connection with that Power, God, Energy or Universe as it may be called.

Ernest Holmes, the founder of Religious Science, which is taught at the Centers for Spiritual Living (CSL), believes that fear is “the antithesis of faith. It is the negation of trust.” He instructs, “There is a Power far greater than we are; there is a love that casts out fear and a faith that overcomes all obstructions. Through affirmative thinking, we enter into this Power and this Love with complete confidence. If we can believe that the Spirit within us makes perfect and happy the way before us, we then enter into conscious union with everything that lives and commune with the spirit in all people and all things.”

Holmes suggests that a feeling of belonging to the Universe and being safe in it is the result of converting the energy of doubt, uncertainty and fear, to faith, which in turn, helps us believe in greater aspirations.

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Gina Colvario Krupka, RScP, is an author, life coach, motivational speaker, radio show host and spiritual director of CSL GreaterBoston. For more information, visit