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Natural Awakenings Greater Boston - Rhode Island

Learn The Magic of Growing Mushrooms

Avoid frustration and failure growing mushrooms by enrolling in a local mycology class from noon to 2 p.m., September 11, 2022, and every Sunday thereafter at the same time at The Boston Gardener. Taught by Scott Trano, the Modern Mycologist, students completing the two-hour class will have the knowledge and materials needed to grow mushrooms of their own at home.

Mushrooms are incredible waste recyclers, and some mushrooms can be grown on fallen trees, cardboard, coffee grounds, straw, sawdust and more. Students will learn about the life cycle of fungi, their role in our ecosystem, the growing process from inoculation to harvest, sterile technique and best practices, and themental health benefits of psilocybin.

With the recent decriminalization of psilocybin mushrooms in multiple Massachusetts cities (Cambridge, Somerville, Northampton and Easthampton,) now is the perfect time to learn from an expert. Learning independently can take anywhere from 100 to 300 hours of research and trial and error.

 Each ticket includes an all-in-one grow bag and spore syringe. Natural Awakening readers receive $100 off the regular price using promo code NaturalAwakenings100.

Cost: $299; $100 off with promo code NaturalAwakenings100. Location: The Boston Gardener, 2131 Washington St., Boston, MA. For more information, call 617-606-7065 or visit or