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Healing with Magnets: Biomagnetic Pair Therapy

Aug 31, 2022 09:31AM ● By Alida Moncada

Biomagnetism therapy is a non-invasive method that can successfully help to heal the root cause of illnesses and not just the symptoms. Used on people of all ages, it can help with cases of acne, stress, allergies, colds, rheumatism, arthritis, measles, obesity, migraines, diabetes and depression, among others.

Studies conducted in 1974 by Dr. Albert Roy Davis and Dr. Walter Rawls in the book Magnetism and Its Effects on the Living System explained for the first time how magnetism affects our lives and the lives of all living systems around us. Later, Dr. Richard Broeringmeyer, the medical director of NASA during the 80s, began investigating the organic dysfunctions that astronauts suffered when they returned from space called The Enigma of the Short Leg since all astronauts had one leg shorter than the other, around 1 to 2 centimeters.

Based on the teachings of Broeringmeyer, Dr. Isaac Goiz began exploring treatments using magnets. In 1988, he applied a negative polarity on the thymus gland of a patient and one of the patient’s legs shortened. Then he began tracing the body with a positive polarity. When he applied the positive polarity in the rectum, the legs of the person balanced. This newly discovered method was named biomagnetic pair therapy.                            

Goiz calls the bi-focal relation between two disease-causing points of the body a biomagnetic pair. Since then, Goiz and biomagnetic pair therapists around the world have researched and discovered hundreds of biomagnetic pairs.

The therapy restores and maintains physical and mental health.  It works by balancing the acid and alkaline levels (pH) of the body, killing any pathogens such as virus, parasites, bacteria and fungi. Once the pH is balanced, the own patient’s body will restore health. His or her body will adjust to the new balance condition and homeostasis can be reestablished.

What to Expect

In a biomagnetism session, the practitioner will use kinesiology muscle testing to identify which pairs are necessary to impact. There are different lists related to magnet pairs: reservoirs, pathogens, viruses, bacteria, emotions and so on. While muscle testing, the practitioner will see the muscular response from the body when either the right or left leg shortens. When this happens, it means that the point is unbalanced. Contrary, the balance of the legs will indicate that the pair point that has been impacted is well located.

A session will last approximately 60 minutes, and it is indicated for different physical and mental disorders. It is not recommended to use magnets on pregnant women and people with pacemakers, metal implants or receiving chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

Alida Moncada is a biomagnetic pair therapist. To book an appointment, visit For more information, email or visit