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It’s Your Body’s Symphony

A woman-owned business, It’s Your Body’s Symphony, in Cranston, has been offering professional massage therapy and related services for more than 25 years. New clients will feel instant tranquility from the moment they enter the reception area. Skilled in the art of feng shui, owner Cheryl D’Itri has created six unique treatment rooms and infused them with positive, soothing energy to support and enhance the healing experience. The soft lighting, warm blankets, gentle music and well-curated décor create the perfect setting for comfort and relaxation. The therapists, with their years of training, knowledge, experience and compassion, do the rest.

D’Itri is a board-certified licensed massage therapist, reflexologist and esthetician. She attended Bancroft School of Massage Therapy in Worcester, and actively takes advanced classes to expand her massaging techniques. She takes great pride in her team of therapists—reiki master and teacher Arthur Plitt and massage therapists Stephanie Lombardi, Augie DeSousa and Rogelio Maldonado, who goes by JR and joined the team this past year. The others have been part of the team for more than 10 years. While each individual therapist has his or her own styles, approaches and techniques, they are all in-tuned and attuned towards addressing their client’s needs and relieving their discomforts.

Services include deep tissue/sports massage, Swedish massage, heated stone therapy, CBD oil massage, cupping, reflexology and facials. Treatments are individualized for each client. Clients are required to fill out a medical history form and discuss any discomforts with the therapist before starting the first session. The massage therapy session begins when the therapist lays healing hands upon the client’s body. Clients will always receive their full one-hour or 90-minute session, and the therapist will use whatever techniques and tools are needed to provide the client with relief.

The therapists at It’s Your Body’s Symphony pride themselves on their work, their profession and their business ethics.  D’Itri’s words are always warm and welcoming: “It’s all about you; we never judge; we welcome all sizes and shapes,” she says. “We want our clients to be comfortable. We have clients who come to all of us, depending on their timeframe and on which therapist has an opening at that time. Of course, we also honor clients with specific requests, too. Our table is waiting just for you!”

For clients who missed their It’s Your Body’s Symphony sessions during COVID-19, D’Itri has relocated her business to a wonderful new space at 14 Hayward Street. Her wellness center is now located diagonally across from Cranston East High School in a tall brown professional building.

Location: 14 Hayward St., Cranston, RI. Park and enter at the side entrance. Appointments are required. Text or call Cheryl at 401 464-6100. For more information, visit