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New Self-Care Book Offers Support for Modern Life

Moditations is a new book offering insights and considerations to inspire and support those that are seeking a happier, more peaceful modern life. Written by Patrick Stephens, a Massachusetts-based writer, who was inspired to create Moditations based on conversations he had with friends, family members and colleagues about trying to live calmly and fully among the complexities of today’s world.

“While Moditations’ book title implies meditation, the book was written for anyone seeking a happier, more peaceful life,” says Stephens, “including those who might meditate.” Each brief, easy-to-read “Moditation” is only one or two pages long and offers encouragement for challenges that involve caring for aging parents, work burnout, stress and following one’s dream. Every Moditation also includes a “Modtra,” a short, positive phrase that serves as a motivational reminder when the book isn’t on hand. Additionally, 12 image Moditations offer visual escapes, with uplifting thoughts to aid in relaxation, mindfulness and overall well-being.

Available in print and e-book formats, the affordably priced Moditations is a thoughtful gift for family and friends or for your own personal enrichment.

Cost: $8.99. For more information or to order, visit or