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Natural Awakenings Greater Boston - Rhode Island

Amy Chauvin: Break Free Breathwork

Located at the Soul Sanctuary, in Coventry, Rhode Island, Amy Chauvin educates, inspires and helps others break free, transform their life, align with purpose and grow through her breathwork experiences and transformational programs. Certified in breathwork and reiki, she conducts private sessions virtually or in person at her studio space and travels the U.S. holding transformational events, retreats and workshops. She hosts high-powered breathwork events and special collaboration events locally and nationally.

As a transformation modality, breathwork is one of the simplest things we all have access to. Her style is a conscious-connected breath pattern that is reported to reduce stress and anxiety, and generate an overall feeling of lightness and clarity. Some known benefits include improved sleep, a new sense of knowing, awakening to a higher purpose and mission, deep relaxation and inner peace, and overwhelming feelings of joy and bliss.

Amy's breathwork program is a full circle experience, where clients recognize and energetically clear habits, opening them up to call in and manifest dreams that align with their purpose.

Services offered: Private breathwork, in person or virtually; reiki; breathwork events; the Break-Free Journey Experience, an eight-week total transformation program, held both privately and in a virtual group setting.

Areas of specialty: Breathwork, mixed with other modalities, as an integrative approach of mind, body, soul alignment.

Healing/healthy living philosophy: True health is full circle; eating right, moving, deep inner healing work, breathing right, sleeping well and having a proper mindset. Breathwork experiences can help from a subconscious level and catapult balance in these areas. 

In-person sessions are at Soul Sanctuary, 808 Tiogue Ave., Coventry, RI. To view events and other offerings visit, or on Instagram @amychauvin.