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Natural Awakenings Greater Boston - Rhode Island

Long-lasting, Life-affirming Rewards

One of my favorite things about publishing Natural Awakenings is how it helps me to feel optimistic about the future of health care. More and more people are waking up to the knowledge and ability we have to control and improve our own health using a multi-faceted approach to holistic and allopathic medicine.

Our mission has always been to be a bridge between modern medicine and more natural and holistic approaches to whole-person health. Understanding that there are times we may require pharmaceuticals or surgery to aid in the healing process, our objective is to provide resources that can help minimize such need through more natural solutions that address whole-person health; including mind, body and spirit.

One of the most significant hinderances to creating a massive shift toward more natural approaches I’ve seen over the years is the human addiction to instant gratification. We want it all, and we want it now. If taking a pill can allow a Type 2 diabetic to continue consuming sugary, chemical-laden food and drink, many will opt for the drug ultimately creating internal chemical warfare within the body.

It seems that since we can’t see it, we may tend to ignore it and let the chips fall where they may in the name of indulgent and temporary pleasure. With no less than a zillion rabbit holes we could go down with that observation, I’ve determined for myself anyway, that it comes down to personal choice and what I am willing to tolerate in return for the plethora of momentary pleasures available in this ever fast-paced world in which we live.

This month we’re focused on the hot topic of heart health and more natural approaches to fostering a healthy heart. In “Improving Heart Health: Lifestyle Metrics That Can Help Prevent Heart Disease,” writer Sheila Julson offers a variety of practical approaches to improving heart health that can have a significant impact on overall quality of life.

Natural approaches are not often a quick fix. However, with patience and the right provider team to help guide the process, the rewards can be life affirming and long lasting.

To your journey for optimal health and well-being, whatever that looks like to you!



Maisie Raftery, Publisher