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The Best Tip For More Intimacy: Be Intimately Embodied

Jan 31, 2023 09:31AM ● By Sacha Fossa
True intimacy starts within. Before seeking more intimacy externally, we must cultivate it within ourselves, our body, the environment, nature, this planet and the entire cosmos. It starts with knowing, caring for and appreciating the innate wisdom, beauty and grandeur of having a human body. Commune deeply with this body. Ask it what it desires; discover what contributes most to it. It becomes easier to have intimacy with others once we have truly recognized intimacy as a fundamental core instinct and the nature of being embodied.

Intimacy is not only the sense of being fully known and completely loved by another person; it requires rare honesty and allowing oneself to be vulnerable—with oneself first, then with others. When we experience deeper internal intimacy, the sense of being “home” in our body becomes more easily expressed with others externally. As a result, more connection and relaxed pleasure become possible and highly likely.

There are many pathways to create, expand and increase our intimate relationships, beginning foremost with our own intimate internal expansion. To discover one’s intimacy languages (aka Erotic Blueprints), take the quiz at

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