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Naturopathy for Long-COVID Sufferers

While most people make a full recovery from a case of coronavirus, a segment of those infected have lingering symptoms. Naturopathic Doctor Abby Egginton, of Balance Natural Medicine, works with patients that are struggling with symptoms following a COVID-19 infection. By reviewing their full health history and ordering strategic labs, Egginton can create a personalized plan to help individuals heal from the long-term effects of long-COVID.

Symptoms include fatigue, chest pain or heart palpitations, dizziness, pins and needles, headaches and mood changes, among others. For some, these symptoms can improve over time, but for others their post-COVID symptoms can persist for months following their COVID-19 infection and can interfere with their ability to function.

The root cause of symptoms can be multi-faceted and is, therefore, best addressed in a holistic manner. For some long-COVID sufferers, vagus nerve dysregulation may be a component of their symptoms. For others, histamine intolerance or an underlying infection may be to blame. There is no single protocol that will cure long-COVID, but a naturopathic approach is well suited for chronic symptoms post-COVID.

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