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Living in Alignment

Feb 28, 2023 09:32AM ● By Carolyn Coogan

Being human is hard. At least that’s the story that sometimes circulates on a loop in my brain when I leave those thoughts to their own devices. While reviewing this month’s content the realization hit me, once again, that it’s only me that complicates this life and it’s the choices made along the way that make it hard … or easy. Living in alignment with what is already known to be helpful, undoubtedly makes the path a bit lighter and less bumpy to navigate.

Eating clean, exercising, taking time to connect spiritually through visualization, contemplation, meditation, connecting with nature or just reading something that feeds my soul are some of the simple tools that help my days flow with a bit more ease and grace. These activities have
the greatest impact when practiced regularly, I might add.

We’d love to hear what practices you enjoy that help you live in the flow; send us an email at [email protected] and maybe we’ll share your tips for others in an upcoming issue. This month we have compelling, evidence-based and encouraging content centering around the prevalent issue of autoimmune disease and Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

In Wise Words, don’t miss the interview with Terry Wahls by Noelle Citarella. Hear the story of how Wahls went from a tilt-recline wheelchair to riding a bicycle and living vibrantly through a specific therapeutic diet and lifestyle protocol. Dr. Wahls' upcoming clinical study is open to participants. Details on how to apply can be found in the article's endnotes. If you know
someone who may be interested or qualifies, please share this info with them if you feel so moved.

I’m leaning into the path of least resistance ... the one where choosing my good greatly enhances my chances and ability to profoundly support those around me and beyond … I hope you’ll join me. 



Maisie Raftery, Publisher