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My Go-To for Conquering Stress

We are jam-packed with goodies for you this month, our annual Women’s Wellness edition!

Starting with the Eco Tip by Marlaina Donato, “Earth-Friendly Ideas for Mom,” Donato provides wonderful suggestions for putting an ecological spin on Mother’s Day that honor this life-giving planet on which we spin.

In “Conquering Stress, Holistic Tips from Lifestyle Doctors,” Linda Sechrist offers a host of tips and habits we can create for sounder sleep, stress-relieving activities and technologies that can assist in quieting an anxious mind.

My go-to for conquering stress that can keep me up at night lately has been practicing stopping spiraling thoughts mid-stream whenever possible. Taking a few minutes to center by bringing attention to breathing patterns allows me to slow the swirling mind down and make room for focusing and bringing some clarity to the moment.

Following this up with a few minutes of journaling on what I would prefer to be happening in any given life circumstance supports the ability to collect myself and navigate my emotions with a more forward-leaning attitude, whereby reducing the stress I’m experiencing in the moment.

The Conscious Eating department, “Taking Control of Our Hormones, Nutritional Tips to Support the Delicate Balance,” writer Sheila Julson offers insights on focusing attention on foods that provide the vitamins and minerals to support the critical systems within the body that nurture well-being.

These are just a few of the many tidbits you’ll find offered to help you find solutions to whatever may be throwing you off center in these crazy days of hustle and bustle living.

Remember, if you make a helpful connection with anything or anyone you find within these pages, please let them know where you found them. It helps us to continue bringing this resource each month.

Have a beautiful spring and consider getting your hands dirty in your own or a local garden!



Maisie Raftery, Publisher